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Facial Studio v2

Di-O-Matic announces the immediate release of Facial Studio (3ds max edition) v2

Di-O-Matic, a leading developer of character animation software, is proud to release today the new version of Facial Studio (3ds max edition).

Offering more than 500 controls covering the entire creation process of a 3d head, Facial Studio is for far more than just modelling, its a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you achieve better facial animation results in less time than ever before. All of this, directly within 3ds max. From modelling to muscle-based deformations, including texture map libraries and everything in between: Facial Studio does it all with its intuitive interface that will have you creating amazing heads in only minutes.

In addition to fully supporting the latest versions of 3ds max (2008 and 2009) in both 32 bit and 64 bit, Facial Studio (3ds max edition) v2 sports many new features including:

New and Improved shapes and proportions for the default head

Improved deformations including gender, ethnicity and phonemes

New additional facial deformations

Automatic Voice-O-Matic configuration, making lip-synching a Facial Studio head a breeze.
I've worked with 3D face animation for over 20 years, created the first fully 3D music video using synthetic faces for Kraftwerk and taught the first course solely on facial animation at Stanford University explained Steve DiPaola. I'm still around facial animation everyday but when I go home to do MY work I always turn to Facial Studio - it's fast, flexible and gives me professional results.
Pricing and availability

Facial Studio (3ds max edition) v2 suggested retail price is US $699.  Registered users of Facial Studio (3ds max edition) v1.5 only need to subscribe to the Premium + Support Package, listed at only 99$, to gain access to this new version.

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