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Okino PolyTrans/Nugraf - SketchUp SKP/SKB file format support for I/O Translation.

Okino translation features - An old and trusted friend:

I was suprised to see when I went to update my copy of Okino Nugraf that they now had SketchUp support within the program and add on packs that I own. I was suprised to see that this somehow slipped passed me and thought I should make sure others know of it as well. 

I personally started using Nugraf ages ago back when software packages barely supported any other file formats than their own and wanted to get CAD models into rendering programs. For those who don't know Okino's PolyTrans (Nugraf is PolyTrans with rendering capabilities) has long been the king of file translation for import and export between different software applications. The program operates as a standalone and integrates into Max, Maya and XSI (there may be some CAD/Engineering programs, but this is what I personally know of), with Max being the only one it really matters, as it's Max file format is not fully supported outside of Max by any program that I am aware of, the others it is really just a convenience to have the program operate inside your favorite application.

Basically I just wanted to make sure people were aware that among the long list of supported file formats SketchUp is now one of them. So besides SKP file formats Collada as well as just about any other widely used file format is used. You can find useful information about  SketchUp conversion features all here:

SketchUp Geometry Import Convertor

SketchUp Geometry Export Convertor

Collada.dae File Import Convertor

Collada.dae File Export Convertor

Basically what this means is that you can import a SketchUp file and convert it into the format that is useable for you in your 3D application/rendering program of choice, or you can export your 3D files into SKP files for native use in SketchUp itself. Of course this is very small news compared to all that the program does, but it is pretty cool news for SketchUp users and I thought I would point it out, I am playing with it now!

Collada exporter is 100% compliant for outputting Google Earth files. That choice is made at the bottom of the 1st exporter panel, "Google Earth v4".

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