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PRESS RELEASE: March 10, 2006

AlienThink has officially announced the Release date of 06/01/2006 for the Instructional Film “Volume One: Master Character Design”.

About “Volume One: Master Character Design”
‘Master Character Design’ is for Learning how to Draw Original Sci-Fi state-of-the-art Character Designs for the Next-Generation Entertainment Industry using New industry standard step-by-step production processes in Drawing and Thinking. The Indigo Artist, Riven Phoenix takes you through a meticulous step-by-step process on how to create an Original Character Design for Next-Generation Video Game Consoles that also takes into account the lucrative opportunities available for Motion Pictures, 3d Animation Films and Illustration. Though the film focuses on designing for Next-Generation Video Games Consoles, the same production process is used for Motion Pictures, 3d Animation Films and Illustration; as creating successful Original Character Designs follow the same principles for all Entertainment genres today. Riven Phoenix demonstrates how to take ideas from your Mind using the latest discoveries in Artistic Thinking that allow You to draw ideas from dreams to reality successfully. You learn How to Draw state-of-the-art Original Character Designs by understanding the latest discoveries in Higher Intelligence Artistic Thinking so to Advance your career as a Lead Character Designer.

Riven Phoenix will teach the following:

1.    You get an understanding of the latest Discoveries on How the Human Brain Works so you can Draw Original Character Designs.
2.    You Learn How to Draw Original Character Designs using the Latest Discoveries that helps you understand Higher Intelligence in Artistic Thinking.
3.    You follow a step-by-step process to get Original Ideas out from your Mind onto paper using Artistic Thinking Models and Drawing Techniques.
4.    You Learn how to use different Drawing Techniques to create your Original Character Designs more fluidly.
5.    You Learn to use the ‘Artistic Thinking Model’ in Drawing, running your own Elite Design Business or working for a leading Entertainment Company.
6.    You Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to Create Original Character Designs that allows you to Advance your career and Drawing Skills.
7.    You learn how leading Companies use the latest Discoveries on the workings of the brain to Design products that sell and why people buy their products.
8.    You learn what Higher Intelligence in Artistic Thinking is which taps into Extraterritorial Thinking Processes that you already possess so to Achieve Smart Original Character Designs.
9.    You Learn How to use Extraterritorial Thinking Processes to create and Learn Drawing at a rapid pace . .

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