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ZBrush for MacOSX

Image ZBrush for MacOSX : Available September 29. So you have a brilliant idea, just waiting to be created? Pick a ZSphere, build a base mesh in a couple of minutes and then sculpt, sculpt, sculpt until your creation is born.


Change the pose using the action line of Transpose. Define variations with the help of 3D layers. Sculpt naturally with the preset sculpting brushes, almost at the speed of thought! And add color, painting directly onto your sculpt, without having to worry about UVs.

Choose a Matcap material which suits your concept, hit Render and ultra-fast your image is ready to be published! Or use ZBrush's production-quality tools to send an animation-ready 3D mesh to another application; retopologize the low-res mesh and project the high-res details from your original sculpt!

And Don't forget to check our ZClassroom Portal to learn about how to use ZBrush!

ZBrush: MacOSX List of New Features

Posable Symmetry

TransPose with topology masking

HD Geometry

SubTools with Project All, GroupSplit and Extract

3D Layers


Brush Palette with Many new brushes, Mesh Insert, Alpha Tiling and Wrap Mode, Gravity, Cavity Masking, Backface Masking and Color Masking

Polypaint with or without UV's: Real-time painting on the model

Perspective while editing models

Real-time Preview Shadows

New Masking Options:  Blur and Sharpen

Most stroke types can be used with any sculpting brush, Lazy Mouse and Roll Mode

Make 3D

Disable/Enable UV's, Switch U<>V, Cycle UV

Movie creator with turntable capability and Quicktime export

Tool Palette with a new organization of the pop-up window, new icons for the non-3D brushes
Interface Customization with Custom Palettes and Menus, Wide or Narrow Buttons, Scalable Buttons, Gradient Canvas Background, Custom Hotkeys, Macros, Alpha, Material and Texture pre-loads, Color presets with easy selection buttons in the title bar and Title bar buttons for rotating between interface layouts .

Preferences Palette with Import material zones as polygroups, Group NSided Polygons and Support for over 100 processors/cores

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