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The best tablets for kids at Walmart in 2018

The best Walmart tablets for kids to play and learn on.

There's a fantastic selection of tablets for kids at Walmart. In this buying guide, we take a look at the best child-friendly Walmart tablets, and our price comparison tool will dig out the best deals on them as well.

When buying a tablet for kids, there are a few things to consider first. Make sure you choose a model that's robust enough to withstand knocks and drops while being carried around. Keep an eye out for any tablets that offer rugged cases that will help protect them from being broken.

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They should also be small and light enough to be used comfortably by kids, so tablets with a screen size of 7 to 10 inches is recommended. And choose one that comes with built-in parental controls, so you can limit the amount of time your kids spend on the tablet, and keep them away from unsuitable content.

Walmart has a large range of tablets for kids, so to help you choose the right one for your needs, we've put together this list of the top tablets for kids at Walmart.

01. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

The best all-round kids' tablet from Walmart

Weight: 310g | Dimensions: 193.4 x 116.4 x 9.7 mm | OS: Android 4.7 | Screen size: 7-inch | Resolution: 600 x 1024 | Storage: 8GB | microSD slot: Yes | Battery: 3,600mAh | Rear camera: 2MP | Front camera: N/A

Easy to carry in small hands Cheap Showing its age Poor camera

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is a brilliant all-round tablet for kids at Walmart. It's small and light enough to be easily carried around, and it comes with a microSD slot, which means you can easily expand its storage capabilities if you want to fill it with videos and games to keep the little ones entertained. It comes with an old version of Android, but this can be updated, and you'll get access to a huge range of apps and games from the Google Play Store. This tablet is showing its age, however, so your kids may grow out of it, and the camera isn't great. But, for a first kids' tablet, this is an excellent choice, and Walmart offers it for a very decent price.

iPad mini 4

02. iPad mini 4

The best high-end tablet for kids at Walmart

Weight: 299g | Dimensions: 203.2 x 134.8 x 6.1mm | OS: iOS 11 | Screen size: 7.9-inch | Resolution: 1536 x 2048 | CPU: A8 | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB | microSD slot: No | Battery: 5,124mAh | Rear camera: 8MP | Front camera: 1.2MP

Brilliant screen Sleek design Older chipset No 3D touch

Many tablets aimed at kids (from Walmart and other retailers) are usually rather limited when it comes to power and features. This makes them great starter tablets, but it can mean your children soon outgrow them. If you want a tablet that's powerful enough to meet the growing demands of your children, then the iPad mini 4 is our recommendation for the best high-end tablet for kids at Walmart. It packs some brilliant features, including a gorgeous screen and impressive camera, while still being small and light enough to be comfortably used by kids. There are plenty of rugged cases you can buy for the iPad mini 4, as well, to help keep it protected.

03. HighQ Learning Tab Jr. 7-inch kids' tablet

The best cheap tablet for kids at Walmart

Weight: 417g | Dimensions: 208 x 132 x 19.5 mm | OS: Android 5.0 | Screen size: 7-inch | Resolution: 600 x 1024 | Storage: 16GB | microSD slot: Yes | Battery: 4,000mAh | Rear camera: 2MP | Front camera: 0.3

Education apps available Rugged case included Performance isn't great

The HighQ Learning Tab Jr. 7-inch kids' tablet is a very good cheap tablet for kids at Walmart, with a brightly coloured rugged case that keeps it protected from knocks and drops. The battery life is good, so you shouldn't have any tantrums if it runs out of juice while watching a programme or playing a game, and it comes with educational apps – though some of these require an additional purchase.

04. Ematic 7-inch Funtab 3 Touchscreen Tablet

A good cheap alternative tablet for children

Weight: 776g | Dimensions: 262 x 161 x 63 mm | OS: Android 5.1 | Screen size: 7-inch | Resolution: 768 x 1024 | Storage: 16GB | microSD slot: Yes

Apps preloaded Designed for younger kids Limited features Not the nicest design

The Ematic 7-inch Funtab 3 Touchscreen Tablet is a good alternative choice to the HighQ Learning Tab Jr. when it comes to choosing a cheap kids' tablets at Walmart. It has a similar price and specifications, but it's aimed at slightly younger children. A number of kid-friendly apps come preinstalled, and it's been designed to be easily held by little ones. Don't expect amazing performance from this tablet, but for the price you're getting a nice little device that will keep young children entertained.

05. Sprout Channel Cubby 7-inch Kids Tablet

A great Walmart tablet for younger kids

Weight: 318g | Dimensions: 216 x 130 x 12.7 mm | OS: Android 4.4 | Screen size: 7-inch | Resolution: 600 x 1024 | Storage: 16GB | microSD slot: Yes

Suite of parental controls Designed for younger kids Not great for older kids

If you've got younger kids who want their first tablet, then the Sprout Channel Cubby is a good choice. It comes with a range of child-friendly games and apps based on favourite characters from the Sprout Channel, a popular preschool TV network. There are also educational apps, a kid-friendly web browser and over 40 child-friendly videos preinstalled. It has an easy-to-hold design that also protects it from accidents as well. This is a great tablet for children that you can pick up at Walmart.

06. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A great tablet for older kids

Weight: 525g | Dimensions: 254 x 155 x 8.2 mm | OS: Android 6 | Screen size: 7-inch | Resolution: 1280 x 800 | Storage: 16GB | microSD slot: Yes

Great battery Offers very good performance Pricier than other tablets

If you have older kids, you'll want a slightly more capable tablet. However, you don't want to spend a lot of money on something that could be broken or lost, so we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab A as the best tablet at Walmart for older kids. It comes with an excellent battery and impressive specs for the price, and allows your children to install more graphically demanding games and more complex apps. Samsung has a great reputation for making solidly-built devices, and the Tab A is no exception.

07. Microsoft Surface Go

A brilliant Windows tablet for homework

Weight: 1.15 lbs (522 g) | Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.9 x 0.33 inches | OS: Windows 10 | Screen: 10.5-inch 1,800 x 1,200 PixelSense touch display | Storage: 64GB eMMC - 128GB SSD | Camera: 8MP rear, 5MP front

Affordable Light and easy to hold Not as powerful as the iPad

If your kids are at school or college, then you might want to consider a tablet that can be used for their schoolwork as well. The Surface Go from Microsoft is a fantastic option for this. Build quality is stunning, and there's enough power for it to easily handle apps and games. It runs on Windows 10 S, which can run apps from the Microsoft Store, and it can also be upgraded to standard Windows 10 so that it can run regular software like Microsoft Office.

08. Acer Switch 3

A great budget Windows 10 tablet

Weight: 125g | Dimensions: 295 x 201 x 9.95 mm | OS: Windows 10 | Screen: 12.1-inch 1920 x 1080 | Storage: 64GB | Camera: 8MP rear, 5MP front

Excellent build quality Great screen Tricky hinged stand No good for games

If you're looking for a more affordable Windows 10 tablet for your kids from Walmart, then the Acer Switch 3 is a great choice. It's cheaper than Microsoft's Surface products, but it's no slouch when it comes to power and features, and can run Windows applications and programs. The screen cover doubles as a keyboard, making it a good tool for homework, and its screen is also excellent.

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