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Infographic: 14 design terms you might be getting wrong

Just starting out in design? Prevent mortifying foot-in-mouth with this handy infographic.

We all make mistakes every now and then, and thankfully they're usually pretty minor. If you're just starting out in design, then you're bound to make the occasional cock-up, but it's unlikely to result in disaster; once you get to art director level, of course, it's a whole other matter.

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Learning from your mistakes can be a vital way of honing your craft, but there are some mistakes it'd be easier to not make. If you get a bit of design terminology wrong then ultimately, it's no big deal; you might be quietly praying for the ground to swallow you up and end your embarrassment, but really, no one's really going to be that bothered.

Why go through all that unnecessary discomfiture in the first place, though? In this infographic from Think Design you'll find 14 terms that young designers often get mixed up, and you've probably fallen foul of at least one of them already. Take five minutes to commit them to memory and you'll never slip up again, leaving you free to make much more calamitous mistakes instead.

infographic on graphic design mistakes

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