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16 top free Bootstrap themes

Get started with the most simple and intuitive HTML website building framework, Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a free framework that helps you get responsive web design up and running quickly and easily. With Bootstrap, you can use HTML and CSS templates for web-based content such as forms, buttons, navigation and more. You can also use JavaScript plugins.

While there are a number of reasons to use free Bootstrap themes, the biggest are that it's easy to use and has a mobile-first approach. This makes it an excellent choice as the framework for a website builder. But it's not just for beginners; Bootstrap is a great choice for experienced web developers, too.

Here's a selection of some of the best free Bootstrap themes out there.

01. Agency

Free Bootstrap themes - Agency

Agency is the ideal platform for showing off your work

Based on the Golden PSD Theme by Mathavan Jaya, Agency is a stylish and fully responsive single-pager designed for agencies and small businesses. Created using Bootstrap 4, it supports the latest stable releases of all the major browsers and platforms, and features custom collapsing navigation with active classes, smooth page scrolling and responsive fallback stylings.

02. 24 News

Free Bootstrap themes - 24 News

Make the front pages with 24 News

Built, unsurprisingly, with news sites in mind, 24 News is a responsive HTML5 template than can be customised to suit other businesses. Another theme built with Bootstrap 4, it comes with plenty of cool features such as parallax background images, smooth animations, multiple image and video carousel sliders and much more.

03. Polaroyd

Free Bootstrap themes - Polaroyd

It's a snap to create a great-looking site with Polaroyd

Elegant, simple and suitable for all manner of purposes, whether you're after a straightforward agency site or something more corporate, Polaroyd is a great-looking and versatile Bootstrap theme with plenty of neat features. It boasts a unique animated header gallery, full screen menu and blog page templates, plus retina-ready visuals and all the cross-browser compatibility you need.

04. Neat

Free Bootstrap themes - Neat

Neat is ideal for freelance designers

If you're after a clean design to promote your design agency, portfolio or freelance business, Neat might the perfect option for you. This free HTML5 Bootstrap website template features a jQuery counter, subtle homepage animations and hero image slider to show off your best work. A .SCSS file is included in this template, making it easy to customise.

05. Marble

Free Bootstrap themes - Marble

Marble is flexible enough for most applications

Made with portfolios in mind but flexible enough for just about any application, Marble features a fixed left sidebar menu that makes way for an off-canvas menu on mobile devices. And to help show off your work to best effect, it boasts smooth scrolling and eye-catching animations and fade-ins.

06. Lattes

Free Bootstrap themes - Lattes

If you want cool HTML5 and CSS3 tricks, check out Lattes

Developer-friendly and easily modifiable, Lattes is a clean and elegant Bootstrap HTML template aimed at small businesses, agencies and creatives. Its responsive design ensures that your site will look great on any device, and it incorporates all of the cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 elements you want, without the need to write any code.

07. Material Kit

Free Bootstrap themes - Material Kit

Create a website inspired by Google's Material Design system

All of the interface elements in this great UI kit have been restyled to fit with Google's Material Design system. There are 60 components as well as three fully coded example pages to get you started in this free UI kit. The $79 pro version includes 1000 components, seven plugins and 11 example pages.

08. Elate

Free Bootstrap themes - Elate

Smart, modern layout

This theme gives you a modern one-page layout with subtle hover animations, gradient backgrounds and some slight, sensibly-used parallax scrolling effects. It offers four ready-to-use styles as part of the free package.

09. Initio

Free Bootstrap themes - Initio

Build a company or personal site that gets straight to the point

This is a fairly classic design for a personal or company portfolio that gets straight to point and delivers a lot of information without requiring a scrolling marathon from the user. It also includes a bold call to action box.

10. Creative

Free Bootstrap themes - Creative

This free Bootstrap theme has subtle scrolling animations

This free, one-page Bootstrap theme has flexible options, including custom button styles. It also includes a full-page image header banner with vertically centred content and subtle scrolling animations, which look fantastic. With rich features and plugins, it can be used as a boilerplate for your next project.

11. Cardio

Free Bootstrap themes - Cardio

Get a fitness-type feel with this free Bootstrap theme

As the name implies, this is another one-page Bootstrap theme that offers a clean yet colourful look. Although this template has a 'gym related theme', it has the potential to work for other industries as well. There's even a live typing effect in the header.

12. Freelancer

Free Bootstrap themes - Freelancer

This free Bootstrap theme does exactly what it says on the tin

Great for freelancers, this one-page Bootstrap theme has a lot of features such as flat icons and fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll. Also, the font choices for this theme are easy on the eyes.

13. Pratt Theme

Free Bootstrap themes - Pratt

This theme is a nice clean example

If you're looking for something simple to use for a landing page or coming soon web space, here's a great template from Carlos Alvarez of BlackTie. Its demo version hosts annotated screengrabs and simple buttons that show off an app product.

14. Magister

Free Bootstrap themes - Magister

This free Bootstrap theme is simple with nice transitions

Quite possibly the purest theme on the list, Magister by Sergey Pozhilov offers a beautifully simple design that's ideal for portfolios and coming soon pages. The subtle animation between page changes gives this template a nice touch.

15. SB Admin 2

Free Bootstrap themes - SB Admin 2

This template is great for dashboards

Another admin theme, this one includes sidebars with multi-level dropdowns and active classes. Also included is a Bootstrap chat widget and login page. This template is great for a dashboard site or web app.

16. Studio

Free Bootstrap themes - Studio

This free Bootstrap theme has some neat parallax scrolling

Another one-pager from BlackTie, this free Bootstrap theme features parallax scrolling and uses Font Awesome 4.0.3. With a few modifications, this template can be used for a variety of industries.

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