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The tool every digital artist should own

Achieve digital painting perfection with Corel Painter 2019.

When it comes to digital art and painting tools, they don't come much better than Corel Painter 2019. Powerful and diverse, the software provides digital artists with all the tools needed to create show-stopping artwork. And right now, it's at its lowest ever price thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. So if you're in the market for some quality new creative software, now's the time to buy!

The 2019 iteration of Corel Painter includes some seriously impressive new features and updates. In this set of short videos, senior concept artist Magdalena Proszowska goes on a tour of Corel Painter 2019, including information and demonstrations on all the software's latest innovations. For more information and special offers, visit Corel Painter today.

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Take a tour

You may have never even considered the colour of your user interface before, but the new darker UI functionality in Corel Painter 2019, which you can see in action here, may well make you sit up and take note. A feature perfect for night owls, the dark UI particularly helps with colours, making selections much easier, especially when choosing subtle shifts in saturation or hue.

The video also showcases a small selection of the over 650 icons that have been redesigned to be more user-friendly, as well as a look at the new colour wheel, which is now transparent and can be placed anywhere on your canvas. Proszowska wraps this video up by demonstrating some of the 36 new brushes that have been added to Corel Painter 2019's toolset.

New brushes

Speaking of new brushes, want to know more? As we mentioned earlier, Corel Painter 2019 includes 36 new brushes, all of which can be easily found by typing '2019' into the search brush panel. In this video, Proszowska demonstrates some capabilities of the new oil painting brushes, including the Real Bristle Soft brush from the enhanced Sargent category.

It's here you can also see one of Corel Painter 2019's performance updates in action, with Proszowska stating any users with multi-core processors, with the support of AVX2, will notice up to a 50 per cent increase in brush speed.


In this final video, Proszowska shares her workflow within Corel Painter 2019, demonstrating how to easily navigate the UI and experimenting with blenders to create interesting textures.

Want to get started with Corel Painter 2019? You can download a free 30-day trial or get a 30 per cent off the full version (limited time only) right here.

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