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Deep FX World releases beta of Deep FX Studio

Deep FX World has released Deep FX Studio, a new standalone procedural animation and multiphysics simulation package, in beta.

The software, which is based on the firm’s LightWave fluid simulation plugin Deep Rising FX, also has rigid body, fracture and granular fluids capabilities, and exports to other DCC tools in Alembic format.

A standalone node-based multiphysics tool with Alembic and Python support
Deep FX Studio is a node-based procedural animation and simulation package.

The software supports a range of simulation types, including a particle-based SPH fluid solver, granular fluids, and rigid body dynamics based on the open-source Bullet physics libraries; and has a pre-fracturing system.

Geometry can be imported as OBJ or Collada format, and simulations exported to other DCC software as Alembic caches or as volumetrics in VDB format.

The software can also be customised via Python scripting.

Check out Deep FX World’s YouTube channel for demos
The online documentation for Deep FX Studio is still a work in progress, but the basic workflow is outlined in three starter tutorials on Deep FX World’s YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel also features rendered demos of simulations created with the key toolsets, although they’re fairly bare-bones and only show simple test scenes.

Deep FX World says that the feature set isn’t locked, and that it is “open to feature requests” during the beta.

Pricing and system requirents
Deep FX Studio is available in beta for Windows only. It is available to buy at an early access discount, or there is a time-limited trial version.

On final release, the software will cost $149.99 for an Indie licence, available to anyone earning under $100,000/year, or $349.99 for a Professional licence, which permits unlimited installations.

Read more about Deep FX Studio on Deep FX World’s website

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