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The best logos of all time

Our essential guide to the world's best logos in entertainment, sports, technology and more.

Best logos ever

01.Best logos for iconic brands
02.Best entertainment logos
03.Best sports brand logos
04.Best design industry logos
05.Best technology brand logos

Logo design is the bread and butter of the design industry, and the best logos of all time have been hotly debated for years. But what defines a truly iconic logo, and has that changed over time?

Of course, modern branding goes far beyond the design of a quality marque – and there are many different elements at play, from colour and use of typography to style of art direction and tone of voice.

There are some brands so strong they don't need a logo, as their other elements are so distinctive and well-established – but of course, they do still have one.

Many of the world's best logos have a particular place in our hearts, and plenty of uproar has been caused over the years about logos that should never have been changed (and in some case, are swiftly changed back again).

As shown by the winners of Computer Arts' Brand Impact Awards in recent years, some market sectors are traditionally stronger, or more risk-taking, than others. It's easier to create an edgy cultural or artisan brand or logo design than to do the same in financial services or FMCG, for instance.

Read on for our essential guide to the best logos of all time, according to market sector.

Best logos for iconic brands

5 times brands shook up their logo

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