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Free ebook: Discover 2019's top web design trends

Your guide to the biggest trends coming to a screen near you.

The creative industries are famously fast moving, and none more so than in the world of web design. Trends and tools change so quickly it can feel like a whirlwind. To help you not only keep up but get ahead of the curve, UXPin has created a comprehensive guide to the trends that will shape web design this year. And you can download it completely free using the link below.

> Download Web Design Trends 2019 for free

These are the movements we're just starting to see signs of, and the ones you need to know if you want to design websites and apps that stand out. This free ebook comes from the same people who brought you UXPin – the code-based digital product design tool that changed the way we approach prototyping. So it's safe to say they have a solid understanding of what's going on right at the cutting edge of web design.

The ebook kicks off with a look at the coolest colour themes around, including gradients, colour overlays and animated colour effects. Next, there's a look at the new ways we're approaching branding and logo design, followed by one of the more experimental design trends around: split-screen design. A guide to effective data visualisation and a closer look at how to layer different types of interactivity round off this invaluable ebook.

Inside, you'll also find:

Inspiring examples of 2019's biggest trends in actionTop tools to help you achieve these effectsInsight from industry expertsAdvice for how to incorporate the trends into your projects

Download UXPin's Web Design Trends 2019 ebook for free now, to start using the industry's coolest themes in your projects.

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