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Famous internet logos get a retro makeover

Is this how these brands would have looked in the '80s?

The biggest names on the internet have been given a retro rebrand and logo design makeover this week courtesy of Reddit user and designer FuturePunk. A self-proclaimed creative who specialises in "art & music and deals memes on the side", FuturePunk's keen eye for the aesthetics of yesteryear has seen the likes of Google, Instagram and YouTube get a strikingly '80s redesign.

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The redesigns feature elements that readers of a certain age are sure to recognise. There's the blocky and spray painted visuals that call to mind the MTV logo, plus plenty of vibrant yet faded colours. The whole project looks like it was recorded on a VHS tape, but that's all part of the charm.

The logos were posted on Reddit's Outrun community – a forum that's dedicated to the synthwave music scene – and have unsurprisingly found a passionate audience of '80s fans.

Take a trip into an alternative past by scrolling through the logos in the gallery below. For best results we recommend listening to some Kavinsky for the ultimate Outrun community experience.

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We'd hope this '80s Facebook would have retro reactions. 'Radical' button, anyone?
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What was it with those sprinkle design elements in the

What was it with those sprinkle design elements in the '80s?
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We like how these designs look like they

We like how these designs look like they've been recorded on a third generation VHS
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Google's colours easily lend themselves to the retro treatment
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'80s eBay reminds us of Fun House. Remember Fun House? You're probably too young

For more images, see parts one and two of the collection.

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