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Best Christmas deal: Apple's 2018 iPad is now cheaper than on Black Friday

Christmas iPad deals.

Fantastic Christmas iPad deal alert: if you missed out on picking up an iPad deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it looks like your indecision (we can call if patience, if you like) has paid off. That's because the iPad 9.7 (2018) is on sale once again – and this time it's even cheaper than it was over the peak shopping period.

Right now, you can save up to $149 when you buy the iPad 2018 through Walmart. The same deal can also be found on Amazon, with both offering devices in a range of colours from $229. Earlier in the year we saw the price of these tablets slashed by $80, so with even more money off they're sure to be snapped up fast.

In the UK? There are some Christmas iPad deals to be found below, too.

Choose from iPads with 32GB or 128GB of storage. If you're hoping to have these before Christmas, make sure you check Amazon's delivery policies to avoid disappointment.

Check out the iPads and special deal prices below.

Space Gray:iPad 9.7 2018 (32GB – Latest Model)$329now just $229 at Walmart
Save: $100: This is the best price we've seen so far for an iPad 9.7. At such a bargain price it's only a matter of time until it sells out, so add it to your basket while you can.
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Silver:iPad 9.7 2018 (32GB – Latest Model)$329now just $279.99 at Walmart
Save $149: You can save a whopping $149 on this iPad 9.7 in an eye-catching silver. Stocks are already running low on this device so don't let it pass you by!
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Gold:iPad 9.7 2018 (32GB – Latest Model)$329now just $229 at Walmart
Save $100: This iPad 9.7 $100 discount comes in a stylish gold. This livery tends to be more popular than most, so be quick if you like the look of it.
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Space Gray 128GB:iPad 9.7 2018 (128GB – Latest Model)$429 now just $349 at Amazon
Save $80: This generous discount sees the iPad 9.7 128GB dip well below $400, and what's more, you can still get it delivered before Christmas.
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Silver 128GB:iPad 9.7 2018 (128GB – Latest Model)$429now just $349 at Amazon
Save $80: There's the same size, same price as above on this 128GB iPad 9.7 in sleek silver. Unlike the space gray version though, this device might not make it in time for the big day.
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UK: Christmas iPad deals

Space Gray:iPad 9.7 2018 (32GB – Latest Model)£319now just £286.96 at WalmartSave: £32.04: This is a decent 10% discount on the new iPad 9.7 – and at the time of writing, there's still time for it to arrive before Christmas, too. So if you've been looking for a last-minute gift, this could just be it.View Deal

Space Gray 128GB:iPad 9.7 2018 (128GB – Latest Model)£409 now just £378 at Amazon
Save £31: In the UK, these 128GB Christmas iPad deals aren’t quite as good – but any discount on a new iPad is welcome. This deal on Amazon takes 8% off the price, giving you the iPad 9.7 128GB for less than £400.View Deal

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